MQ & MR Triton DPF Back Exhaust And Tuning Benefits

Every time we advertise or post something about DPF back exhaust systems on social media, we get comments like, "fitting a DPF back exhaust is pointless, you'll get no benefit..." and similar. Well, back in 2019 we proved, using a dyno, that while this widely held belief may be true with regard to some,...

All About Triton And Pajero Sport Suspension

There are some real benefits that come with upgrading the undercooked stock suspension in your Triton or Pajero Sport, from ride and handling improvements, to improved load carrying ability. But there are choices to make and some basic physics to understand, before you throw your credit card at a new kit.

How To Use Mitsubishi’s Super-Select II 4WD System

I undertook one of my annual Mitsubishi product training weekends last month at Lancelin in Western Australia, where I was once again reacquainted with the QF Pajero Sport and MR Triton. They’re both really capable and I think often underrated 4WDs that have one feature that’s been setting them apart from the competition for...

Life's A Beach - The Three Mods That Transformed My MR Triton

Our most recent visit to K’Gari (Fraser Island) in the Triton was our third in as many years and each successive visit has seen our Triton morph from completely stock, through to the far more capable and comfortable vehicle you can see in these most recent trip pics. 

REVIEW - MR Triton Loaded 4X4 Dynamic Tune 40mm Lift Kit

Prior to owning my 2020 Mitsubishi Triton GLXR, I knew nothing about 4x4’s let alone 4x4 modifications. The purpose of getting the Triton was to take my family on camping trips to destinations we couldn't get to previously and away from the crowds.

The Loaded4X4 Forty20 Suspension Kit For MQ And MR Tritons

If you don't want to weigh your Triton down with tonnes of gear for work, or set it up as the consummate, and equally heavy 'ultimate tourer', but you would like to upgrade the suspension to improve ride comfort and control, handling, ground-clearance and off-road-ability, all without having it's arse poking towards the sky, then...

TREV The MQ Triton

There isn't a week that goes by that doesn't involve communicating with someone that hasn't been touched by TREV, which sounds weird, and a little dirty even, but it's not. This 'light is right' build has struck a chord with a surprising number of Triton owners, and they gravitate towards this store because a...

What To Expect From An Exhaust Upgrade

Whenever an exhaust conversation comes up on Facebook with regard to DPF equipped cars, there’s always someone who’ll chime in and say “it does nothing, don’t waste your money...”, but they’re wrong. Well, at least they’re wrong when it comes to Triton and Pajero Sport and we took the time to prove it on...