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What To Expect From An Exhaust Upgrade

27 Mar 2022
What To Expect From An Exhaust Upgrade

Mitsubishi MQ-MR Triton and Pajero Sport - Pacemaker King Brown 3” DPF Back Exhaust Systems

Whenever an exhaust conversation comes up on Facebook with regard to DPF equipped cars, there’s always someone who’ll chime in and say “it does nothing, don’t waste your money...”, but they’re wrong. Well, at least they’re wrong when it comes to Triton and Pajero Sport and we took the time to prove it on the dyno.

We were surprised to find, that in the case of Mitsubishi’s 4N14 2.4-litre turbo-diesel, there were gains to be had. Power-wise, we saw a modest increase of 12kW, but what really interested us more, was the considerable drop in Exhaust Gas Temperatures (EGTs). They plummeted by 100 degrees at around 2,700rpm and throughout the rev range were always considerably lower than with the stock exhaust fitted, as you can see in the dyno sheet below.

There is anecdotal evidence to suggest that not all DPFs and/or the exhaust systems bolted to them are the same and some makes and models of 4x4 will not see any benefit from an exhaust swap, but in the case of Triton and Pajero Sport, we think the DPF flows better than the restrictive stock exhaust they bolt to it. An obvious assumption, that is backed up by the small diameter pipework and massive muffler that comprise the stock system.

One of the big issues you face when working this particular engine hard, is high EGTs, it’s just what happens when you ask a lot from a relatively small engine. A fact that makes an exhaust upgrade for any of these vehicles being used to tow or for regular off-road, low-range work, almost a must-do mod as it’ll help reduce the chances of overheating and the ECU clipped performance that’ll result.

If you are getting your Triton or Pajero Sport tuned, then I’d go so far as to say that an exhaust upgrade is absolutely a must-do mod, not because you’ll get higher outputs, but because it’ll help keep a lid on EGTs, a fact also shown in our testing and evident in the dyno sheet above. More oomph will just be a bonus.

Pacemaker King Brown 3" DPF Back Kit To Suit MQ-MR Triton

Why Pacemaker? Well, having visited their Adelaide factory and met the people behind the brand, I can tell you that there is not a better made exhaust system out there. Their attention to detail and design is pathological and that means that their gear fits, first time, every time and works perfectly, which is a big deal when you’re lying on your back, under your 4x4 in your driveway, swapping exhausts over. Unlike the cheap Chinese made stuff, there’s no cutting or welding or grinding required to make it fit.

And speaking of lying on your back, you can swap one of these exhausts over, from a stock one, in under an hour.

How do they sound? Well, check out the video above and you can hear for yourself, but it’s safe to say, there is no droning inside the cabin and a nice ‘meaty’ but inoffensive note outside. It’s best summed up by saying that it makes a positive audible difference. I like it and couldn’t go back to the stock exhaust.

Here’s some links to the relevant systems in our store:

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QE-QF Pajero Sport 3" DPF Back Pacemaker King Brown Exhaust System

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