Who are we, and why are we so passionate about great gear?

So what happens when a suspension guru and two 4X4 media hacks walk into a bar?

Despite the fair State of Victoria being a neighbour, it’s the tyranny of time, not distance, that prevents me from visiting that 4WD Holy Grail in the Great Dividing Range, the Victorian High Country, more regularly.

My first visit was near-thirty years ago, the last five years ago and again I find myself there in 2023 and twice. Too long between drinks, and there have been a few of those too.

David has a chat with Gillian and Tom about the Loaded4X4 Dynamic Tune 40mm lift kit fitted to their 2021 Isuzu D-MAX.

They discuss how it drives and tows, and how it is far superior to the stock suspension.

There are some real benefits that come with upgrading the undercooked stock suspension in your Triton or Pajero Sport, from ride and handling improvements, to improved load carrying ability. But there are choices to make and some basic physics to understand, before you throw your credit card at a new kit.

I undertook one of my annual Mitsubishi product training weekends last month at Lancelin in Western Australia, where I was once again reacquainted with the QF Pajero Sport and MR Triton.

They’re both really capable and I think often underrated 4WDs that have one feature that’s been setting them apart from the competition for years, Mitsubishi’s Super Select II 4WD system.