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So what happens when a suspension guru and two 4X4 media hacks walk into a bar?

Every time we advertise or post something about DPF back exhaust systems on social media, we get comments like, "fitting a DPF back exhaust is pointless, you'll get no benefit..." and similar. Well, back in 2019 we proved, using a dyno, that while this widely held belief may be true with regard to some, possibly even many DPF equipped vehicles, it isn't true for all of them, and one in particular, the MQ Triton, showed not only a modest power increase, but also a substantial decrease in EGTs under load.

Measure your trim heights before you start.

It is recommended that trim height measurements are done from the centre of the wheel to the lip of the guard or factory flare. This keeps the measurement in line with the records kept by transport authorities and eliminates variance between wheel sizes. If the suspension supplier requires the measurement from the bottom of the wheel, keep both on record.

Mazda has announced two new accessory packs for the BT-50, designed to boost the off-road capability and visual impact of its popular ute.

Or, if you wanted to save some serious coin and end up with a more capable vehicle, you could give the following 'pack' a go.

Isuzu Ute Australia made a significant change to their fortunes in 2020 with the release of the all-new D-MAX and with the sales-hysteria that tracked in pace with Covid’s rampant run through the community, it was gravy days to be an Isuzu dealer. Gone was the seriously outdated RT series (2012-2019), and in, was this fresh-as-a-daisy, stylish new ute.