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Because you want it to ride right!

Your 4X4 doesn't have to ride like a truck. If you're tired of your fourby's bucking, weaving or soggy stock suspension, or that over-sprung, rough-as-guts aftermarket gear that you're running, you're in the right place.

We spent most of 2021 testing different bleed and valve settings in our shocks, with the aim being to find that magic 'just-right' middle-ground that sits somewhere between too hard and too soft. You know the place, it's where rough roads are soaked up, mid-corner bumps smoothed over, those rear cart-springs finally feel settled and high-speed body and wheel control is tight as a drum. 

If ride quality, vehicle dynamics and handling are as important to you, as they are to us, then our Dynamic Tune valving will suit you perfectly. It can be optioned with any of our lift or levelling kits.

Our twin-tube shocks, regardless of the tune you choose, are fitted with very high-quality internal components, such as an 18mm hardened chrome piston rod and uniquely to this shock design, a 36mm high-flow monotube piston with multi-stage, velocity-sensitive valving, and a smart self-adjusting foot valve arrangement. As it does in monotube shocks, this floating monotube piston design reduces oil cavitation and heat build-up and fade, which means our twin-tube shocks are essentially offering the best of both the monotube and twin-tube worlds. 

The outer wall of each shock is 2.5mm thick, which means you’re going to find it difficult to do any damage that will stop these shocks from working out in the field.

What you want with your new shocks, is an intelligent design, not a bunch of big numbers that when combined don't work effectively, such as oversized piston rods that reduce oil flow. There's A LOT of marketing that goes into the design of some shock absorbers. You want shocks that are designed to work well, not look good on paper.

The twin-tube shock absorber design has its benefits, including a more compact design that allows more ‘piston stroke’, which in layman's terms, means the shock gets more of a chance to work. Inherent in the twin-tube design is a higher level of durability, along with the ability to absorb more external damage without the piston being compromised, in addition to excellent all-round performance and value.

Shocks aside, as per our motto, we only deal in gear that works, and every one of our suspension kits ships with only top-quality components, sourced locally and from overseas, wherever the best quality gear can be found. All of which means we have complete faith in our suspension product range and that allows us to cover it with a 3-year unlimited-kilometre warranty.


  • Tuned, developed and tested in Australia.
  • Two tunes to choose from, Standard and Dynamic Tune (see our video about Dynamic Tune below).
  • Robust Twin-Tube Gas Design with Extra Strong 2.5mm outer wall for maximum strength in the toughest conditions.
  • Reinforced mounts for ultimate reliability.
  • Adjustable coil seats on all struts.
  • 36mm High Flow Monotube Piston with multi-stage, velocity-sensitive valving that provides greater control, improved ride quality, and cooler operating temperatures at all speeds.
  • Multi-Stage foot valve that adjusts to driving conditions.
  • Heavy-duty 18mm diameter Hardened Chrome Piston Rod that is stronger for off-road driving and resists sideways deflection at full droop.
  • Nitrogen gas charged to resist fade by reducing oil cavitation.
  • Premium quality triple lip wiper oil seal that keeps contaminants out and reduces the likelihood of hydraulic leaks.
  • High Durability Rubber Bushes are used for improved flexibility and longer life.
  • Exclusive High Temperature, Foam Resistant Hydraulic Oil that resists shock fade and works through a broader temperature range than lesser oils.
  • We only use very high-quality coil springs, leaf packs, and hardware in our kits.
  • 3-year unlimited-kilometre warranty.

Dynamic Tune Video