There are some real benefits that come with upgrading the undercooked stock suspension in your Triton or Pajero Sport, from ride and handling improvements, to improved load carrying ability. But there are choices to make and some basic physics to understand, before you throw your credit card at a new kit.
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I undertook one of my annual Mitsubishi product training weekends last month at Lancelin in Western Australia, where I was once again reacquainted with the QF Pajero Sport and MR Triton.

They’re both really capable and I think often underrated 4WDs that have one feature that’s been setting them apart from the competition for years, Mitsubishi’s Super Select II 4WD system.

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The welded on rear mounts for the front bash plate in both the Triton and Pajero Sport, are well known failure points when upgrading the stock vehicle's under body protection. 

Light weight and welded on by the work experience robot, breaking them is as easy as fitting upgraded, thicker and thus stiffer plates, and then waiting a while. If they survive that, hits out on the tracks will likely bring them unstuck at some stage in the future.

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Whenever an exhaust conversation comes up on Facebook with regard to DPF equipped cars, there’s always someone who’ll chime in and say “it does nothing, don’t waste your money...”, but they’re wrong. Well, at least they’re wrong when it comes to Triton and Pajero Sport and we took the time to prove it on the dyno.
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This is Loaded4X4 and blowing smoke up your bottom isn’t something we like to do. So here’s the thing, when it comes to underbody protection if you don’t plan on heading off-road into country where it’s rough enough to expose the underneath of your fourby to impacts with rocks, sand or other bits of the planet, then you don’t need to upgrade your Under Vehicle Protection (UVP) or ‘bash plates’ as they are more colloquially known.
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