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Our Network Of Product Fitting Partners

09 May 2024
Our Network Of Product Fitting Partners

Our reputation for high quality products that solve issues inherent in the design of modern 4WDs, without creating more issues that need to be resolved, has been growing rapidly.

For the most part, we've built this reputation supplying DIY 4WD enthusiasts, the kind who have the gear and the willingness, to fit their own, suspension, bash plates and exhaust systems. In truth, for the average handy person, none of our gear is difficult to fit, but, lying under a car isn't everyone's idea of the perfect weekend.

And I'll confess, as you get older, those wrenching sessions in the driveway, or garage that used to be the highlight of the weekend, can, sadly, seem progressively less appealing.

With that in mind, we've been busy setting up a network of friendly fitting partners and as at the time of writing this article, we have 16 options stretching from Adelaide through to Townsville. Yes, that means we've got some work to do in the West, and we'll be getting right onto that...


Our fitting network page can be viewed here - Fitting Network

If there isn't a fitting partner that's convenient to your location, get in touch, as we're happy to locate and have a chat with an appropriate business in your area.


Most of the fitting outlets that we list are happy to fit our suspension, and bash plate products, and have been added as choices when purchasing these products on this website.


When purchasing suspension or bash plates on this website, there's an option to choose DIY fitting, or one of the fitting outlets we work with.

If you choose DIY fitting, we'll ship the product(s) direct to you (or the nearest depot in the case of lift kits with leaf springs). If you choose one of the fitting outlets, we'll ship the product(s) direct to them, and put you in touch with them to book a fitting appointment.

The cost of fitting is determined by the fitting outlet and paid by you to the fitter and the time of fitting. The cost of fitting is not included in the price of our products in this store.


Most of the fitting outlets that we list are happy to fit our suspension and bash plate products. As a very general guide, having a lift kit fitted costs in the $600-700 range these days, including a wheel alignment. Our bash plate kits are likely to cost around an hour of labour to fit, so expect in the region of $125 - $150.

The price is determined by the fitter, at the time of fitting, and will usually be based on an hourly rate.


If that's the case, please get in touch, and we'll aim to locate and have a chat with a suitable business that is convenient to where you are located. We're always happy to add new fitting partners to our list. 

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