Despite the fair State of Victoria being a neighbour, it’s the tyranny of time, not distance, that prevents me from visiting that 4WD Holy Grail in the Great Dividing Range, the Victorian High Country, more regularly.

My first visit was near-thirty years ago, the last five years ago and again I find myself there in 2023 and twice. Too long between drinks, and there have been a few of those too.

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Our most recent visit to K’Gari (Fraser Island) in the Triton was our third in as many years and each successive visit has seen our Triton morph from completely stock, through to the far more capable and comfortable vehicle you can see in these most recent trip pics. 
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Isuzu came up with a winning formula with the release of their significantly improved MY2021 D-MAX. It took a vehicle that was well behind the competition in most aspects and turned it into something desirable and the result has been a serious leg up the sales chart.

This particular X-Terrain belongs to Damien and Alysa, who I met on one of my off-road driver training programs, shortly after they took delivery back in 2021.

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Oils ain't oils Sol, and it turns out aluminium isn't aluminium either, and this is why it pays to have a team of engineers on your side.

We've got the awesome team at Milford Industries on our side, thankfully, and that literally guarantees that our bash plates, or Under Vehicle Protection (UVP) kits for the Isuzu D-MAX, MU-X and their twin-beneath-the-skin Mazda BT-50, are the best on the market.

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The welded on rear mounts for the front bash plate in both the Triton and Pajero Sport, are well known failure points when upgrading the stock vehicle's under body protection. 

Light weight and welded on by the work experience robot, breaking them is as easy as fitting upgraded, thicker and thus stiffer plates, and then waiting a while. If they survive that, hits out on the tracks will likely bring them unstuck at some stage in the future.

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Strong, light and devastatingly handsome. No, it's not that blue-eyed skinny gym rat that lives around the corner, it's our new UVP (Under Vehicle Protection) for the current gen D-MAX, MU-X and BT-50. Designed in partnership with Milford and soon to be manufactured by Milford, to their exacting standards mind you, this UVP solution is going to be the one to have slung under your ride.
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