Bash Plate Front Mount Strengthening Bracket For Mitsubishi MQ/MR Triton and QE/QF Pajero Sport


The welded on rear mounts for the front bash plate in both the Triton and Pajero Sport, are well known failure points when upgrading the stock vehicle's under body protection. 

Light weight and welded on by the work experience robot, breaking them is as easy as fitting upgraded, thicker and thus stiffer plates, and then waiting a while. If they survive that, hits out on the tracks will likely bring them unstuck at some stage in the future.

The bracket that will save your dodgy factory bash plate mounts - made from 4mm laser cut and folded mild steel, and coated with Milford's Armotex anti-corrosion powder coat finish. Image credit : Gary Sowter @redbeardphotomedia

One fix is to weld on more robust mounts, but that involves cutting, welding and painting, and we were after a solution that most people would find easier when fitting our bash plate kits for the Triton and Pajero Sport. That solution is our custom designed bracket that bolts onto the cross member above the dodgy mounts, using pre-existing holes and either the supplied wire nut plates or Versa Nuts if you have access to the tool required. 

The ends of the bracket sit directly between the dodgy factory mounts and the bash plates, and provide some much needed support, by directing twisting and impact loads through to the cross member rather than into the factory mounts.

Image courtesy of Bryce F. from our CUSTOMER REVIEWS PAGE

Each bracket is made out of laser cut and folded 4mm mild steel, that is coated in Milford's proprietary Armortex coating, and comes with a choice of wire nut plates or Versa Nuts for fitting and quality automotive grade zinc coated bolts.

If your current stock or aftermarket bash plates use these mounts, then this bracket will fit and do it's job.



Fitting is as easy as removing the two front plates and either pushing the nut plates in through each end of the round cross member using the wires attached, or fitting Versa Nuts to the holes. You then bolt the bracket to the cross member and Bob's your uncle and Fanny might even be your granny. Should take around 20 mins or so.

Check it out in the video below (1:23 to 2:40):