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REVIEW - MR Triton Loaded 4X4 Dynamic Tune 40mm Lift Kit

26 May 2022
REVIEW - MR Triton Loaded 4X4 Dynamic Tune 40mm Lift Kit

Review by Ben Svikks

You can follow Ben's adventures over at Mitsi Mates on Instagram.

Prior to owning my 2020 Mitsubishi Triton GLXR, I knew nothing about 4x4’s let alone 4x4 modifications. The purpose of getting the Triton was to take my family on camping trips to destinations we couldn't get to previously and away from the crowds.

Soon after purchasing the Triton we headed off to Fraser Island in the stock setup, I was instantly hooked and found myself watching countless hours of YouTube with guys lifting wheels, tackling hard tracks and cruising down golden beaches. I started a list of accessories and mods I thought I needed. I wanted it all straight away, lift, big tyres, bar work, canopy, 12v setup, you know all the gear you see on YouTube and Instagram. 

Fortunately I didn't have the cash to deck out my ride straight away, and I say fortunately because it actually gave me the time to use the vehicle and understand what I actually needed to upgrade and spend my money wisely in the right places. 

In the last 18 months I've been to Fraser Island twice, Stradbroke Island, Landcruiser Park and Scenic Rim Adventure Park, all with a relatively stock vehicle. These trips gave me some great insights on how the vehicle performs, its strength and weaknesses but ultimately what mods I actually want to spend my hard earned cash on to build the ultimate vehicle, for me and my needs. 

After being to all those locations I mentioned above on stock suspension, you quickly realise the factory suspension isn't all that capable for off road conditions and it was finally time to pull the trigger on a suspension upgrade.

Apart from choosing my canopy, the lift kit gave me the most anxiety. I previously owned a Toyota Hilux Highrider and the ride was so harsh it made me extremely nervous about swapping out the plush on road Triton suspension in comparison to anything else.

I did months of research, reading hundreds of posts and comments on Facebook groups and every time I thought I reached a decision, I would find a negative comment about that kit and it would turn me off and the research phase would start all over again, you know it’s a pretty big investment we are talking about!

To be honest I was about to give up and not even worry about it, that was until Steane from Loaded4x4 Store reached out to me via a post I put up on Facebook regarding suspension. We got chatting and he gave me his honest option on what he thought was the best kit for the kind of wheeling I wanted to do and my on-road concerns. 

I wanted a kit that was capable off road but still had that comfort feel on road. I wanted a no fuss kit that doesn't need adjusting, just a kit that would perform off-road but still feel comfortable as my daily ride. We both decided that the Loaded4x4 Dynamic Tune Kit was the right one for me. Steane gave me confidence in my decision, as I knew their kit had been tried and tested on their own Triton as well as being backed by their 3 year unlimited warranty. 

I've had my lift kit in for just over 3 months now, and I must say I am very pleased with the outcome. On and off road the Triton soaks up the bumps, leaving less chatter in the ride, those horrible corrugations are less noticeable and cornering feels much firmer than the factory setup.

Overall I am very happy with my decision to go with the Loaded4x4 Lift Kit and would highly recommend the kit to anyone. Chat to the team to discuss your concerns about suspension as Steane and the guys have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry.


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