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Milford Towbars - Tucked And Ready For Action

20 Jun 2022
Milford Towbars - Tucked And Ready For Action

Do you remember the Buffalo Bill dance scene from Silence Of The Lambs? If you don’t, then go and have a quick Google of Youtube vids and meet me back here in five.

There are many lessons you can learn from this iconic sliver of cinematic brilliance, like don’t go door knocking for a cup of sugar, buy a bigger dog and that weird dude down the road in the funky smelling house, is best left alone. The most important lesson of all though, oddly, is for anyone looking to head off-road in their fourby, and it's this.

If you can tuck things out of the way, you should.

This philosophy is particularly pertinent when it comes to towbars. How many times have you seen a so-called ‘off-road towbar’, one of those expensive jobbies that fairly bristles with brightly coloured recovery points, hanging down below the rear bumper like ol’ mate’s plums on a warm day?

Then there’s 90 percent of all towbars ever fitted to a Ranger.

Your average, hung-low towbar will of course be just fine if you don’t go off-road, assuming you don’t mind an ugly lump of steel hanging in the breeze. However, if you head off-road, the old ‘hung-low’ will, without question, at some point be a source of embarrassment when negotiating narrow creek crossings and other rough and rutted terrain. The bugger will attempt to hang you up everywhere it can.

Milford Ult1mate towbar on an MR Triton

This is where the Milford gear that we sell comes into its own as it’s been designed from the get-go, to be as tucked away as each vehicle’s platform allows. 

My orange Triton in the pics is a case in point. It’s fitted with one of Milford’s top-shelf, beautifully made and very thoughtfully designed, Ult1mate towbars. There literally isn’t a better bit of towing kit out there. It’s also cheaper than some of those over-the-top expensive ‘off-road’ towbars and has more truly unique features, like Milford’s Hitch Hush system, a stainless steel hitch pin, a three-piece interlocking design (that makes it a super easy DIY fit) and, you guessed it, plenty of tuck.  

Sure, it lacks a plethora of recovery points, but the whole bar is, if we’re being real here, a recovery point. You just use the hitch pin to hold the recovery strap in and away you go. There’s just enough of the crossbar hanging below the bottom edge of the rear step, to protect things, without getting in the way as you traverse obstacles.

Checkout how the Ult1mate bar tucks up in real life

It’s much the same story with Milford’s Heavy Duty range of towbars. They tuck right up out of the way as well, and are just as beautifully made as the Ult1mate gear, but they're a one piece unit, rather than having three interlocking sections, and lack some of the Ult1mate’s trail blazing features.

Milford towbars are all designed and made in Australia - in Adelaide actually - and you might be surprised which big name 'Aussie' towbar brands, can't make that claim anymore.

Here's some links that'll show you what Milford towbars we can supply for your late model 4x4, and with most, there's the option of adding one of Milford's top-quality plug-and-play wiring harnesses to your purchase. Check out the review link as well, there's a growing band of very happy Milford towbar customers.

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