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Pacemaker King Brown 3" Diff Dump Exhaust Option For MQ & MR Triton

27 Jul 2022
Pacemaker King Brown 3" Diff Dump Exhaust Option For MQ & MR Triton

If you want to know the benefits, and the improved exhaust note, to expect from a King Brown 3" exhaust upgrade on the MQ & MR Triton, head on over to this earlier post and check out our dyno information and general thoughts - What To Expect From An Exhaust Upgrade

In more recent news, we've been working closely with Pacemaker in Adelaide to develop a shorter 'diff dump' tailpipe option for the MQ & MR Triton, and you can now choose between the full-length system that exits alongside the spare tyre just as the stock system does, or a new 'diff-dump' option, where the rear section of the exhaust is replaced with a shorter pipe that finishes just over the back of the rear axle.

Diff dump end pipe fitted to our old MQ test system. It allows plenty of room for a larger spare - in this case a 31.6" 285/60 R18 - and you get a meatier in-cab exhaust note!

We've opted to go past the rear axle to avoid any issues with where the different states allow exhausts to finish. Dumping before the rear axle/diff is we suspect not legal in NSW for example, where exhausts are required to finish no less than 300mm past the last door opening. 

The diff-dump option is perfect for anyone running 32" or larger tyres as the tailpipe won't interfere with the larger spare tyre, a common problem in the narrow bodied Triton.  

An added benefit of going with the diff-dump option is that the moderately meatier external exhaust note that you get from changing to a 3" DPF back system, is more noticeable from inside the vehicle, in a good, drone-free way.

You can check out our Triton Exhaust options here - Pacemaker Triton Exhaust

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