Milford LoadMax


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LoadMax - The Ultimate Canopy Roof Rack Support System

Milford's LoadMax internal canopy roof support system has been designed to fit most canopy types on the market. It features four robust upright tube sections that attach to the top of your ute's tub using Milford's sure-grip clamps with precision bed rail mounts and run up the sides of the canopy, where they provide additional support directly under any racks fitted to the canopy roof.

The supports feature multiple bends so that they sit as close as possible to the canopy shell, to maximise cargo load space. The sure-grip clamps are fully adjustable which means they are compatible with most canopies. 

The Milford LoadMax system uses a unique fully adjustable coupling to fix the uprights to the canopy roof, that's designed to work with both single and dual skin canopy roofs. By mounting each coupling directly below the roof rack mounting points, Milford's system eliminates stress and thermocycling fractures in the canopy roof.

The whole Milford LoadMax system is easy to fit and covered by Milford's Lifetime Warranty.