Milford LoadMax Universal Roof Rack Support System

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Milford LoadMax Universal Roof Rack Support System

Engineered with universal fitment in mind, the Milford LoadMax® is a complete internal cap support system designed to enable safe load management on just about every utility vehicle, cap, and roof rack combination on the market.

Tested and rated to meet the International Standard ISO 11154 & the Australian Standard AS/NZS 1235, Milford’s LoadMax® maximises the carrying capability of a utility vehicle safely and efficiently.

Milford’s LoadMax® consists of four heavy-duty uprights that attach to the tub of the utility vehicle and run up along the underside of the cap. These supports consist of a tubular steel construction featuring multiple bends to ensure a form-fitting result; allowing for maximum cargo space without compromising on strength.

Connecting the heavy-duty uprights to the cap is a unique coupling that is designed to be fully adjustable and suitable for both single and dual skin cap rooflines. Eliminating stress and thermocycling fractures to the cap, these unique couplings align directly under the mounting point of the roof racks, providing direct support to the load above.

Securing the LoadMax® to the style tub sides are unique sure-grip clamps featuring precision bed rail mounts. These mounts not only provide an additional clamping effect, but are also fully adjustable to allow complete compatibility with most caps.Milford’s new LoadMax® features a DIY rapid fit, easy to mount method.

With rugged performance, the LoadMax® is covered by Milford’s legendary Lifetime Warranty, providing not only the ultimate in strength and support but also peace of mind.

Fitting Info

Not suitable for J Deck Style Ute Tubs. P/N 754520 Long Spacer Kit required for canopies more than 45mm thick.

IMPORTANT: The tested capacity of the LoadMax® substantially exceeds the maximum capability of the body tub and the safe operating limits of your vehicle.

Contact your vehicle manufacturer for the max body tub load.

We recommend that you never exceed either the maximum tub load or the safe operating roof load identified by the vehicle/cap manufacturer.

Note: The tested capacity of the LoadMax® may substantially exceed the maximum load capacity of the vehicles body tub and the safe operating limits of the vehicle.

Vehicle maximum capacities should never be exceeded. All 8 LoadMax® Roof Rack attachment points must always be used.

May not suit all Canopy Brands and Styles.


Universal Roof Rack Application Each kit comes complete with 4 x heavy duty uprights, clamps and couplings Eliminates canopy damage Maximum load rating Rapid DIY fitment International patents pending Covered by Milford's Lifetime Warranty - requires registration


Check out ourwarranty information page for more information.


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