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Our Dynamic Tune Suspension Is A Hit!

24 May 2022
Our Dynamic Tune Suspension Is A Hit!

Since we introduced our Dynamic Tune suspension, as an alternative to our stock Sports suspension, 95 percent of our sales have been for Dynamic Tune kits, and the feedback we're receiving is 100 percent positive. 

Traditionally, 4x4 lift kits have been all about being 'heavy duty' (I hate that term, it just means you're going to get a sore back) with a focus on load carrying, not ride comfort, but if you can have both, why wouldn't you?

New 4x4s vary from being overly soft with plenty of body roll - Pajero Sport and Prado spring to mind - to soft and lifeless, with no real load carrying ability, and yes I'm looking at you new D-MAX. Or if you drive a low to mid-spec Triton, then harsh and a little unforgiving can be its character flaws. The one trait they have in common, is that none of them improve with age.

Dynamic Tune was created out of a desire to have a nice riding and handling 4X4, one that isn't so soft that it wallows through corners, or so hard that you feel every crack in the road.

We combine our Dynamic Tune shocks/struts with a carefully chosen coil spring upfront and either coil or leaf springs in the rear, depending on the vehicle type. Weight and intended use, and ride comfort are the three factors that come into play when we select a spring, and with some of the wagons running rear coils, we'll also suggest a pair of air bags, depending on the degree of constant load or if regularly towing, the tow ball down load weight.

Good suspension doesn't require adjustable and/or remote reservoir shocks, in fact, there are plenty of horror stories unfolding out there of jammed up and corroded adjusters and failures of the additional weak links that come with remote reservoir systems. You just need a quality shock that's set up right.

Head over to our reviews page and read what folks are saying about dealing with us and the Dynamic Tune suspension kits they've had fitted. Every kit reviewed has been Dynamic Tune.

Here's one example from Garry M.

I’ve had the Dynamic tune lift kit in my MR Triton for three weeks now and I have to say I’m very impressed. I’ve had various lift kits in all of my 4wd’s over the last 20 years or so, and I can honestly say this is easily the most compliant suspension upgrade I’ve ever had.

By compliant, I mean offering a softer everyday ride without the usual harsh exaggeration of road corrugations and potholes often associated with heavy duty suspension modifications. I almost expected this initial softer ride feel to adversely affect improved handling, or flat cornering, however it’s done nothing of the sort.

The standard suspension body roll has been all but eliminated, just as you would expect with a set of decent springs and shocks underneath the car, however, it also has the benefit of a much smoother ride to go along with the solid road handling and load carrying of a normal suspension upgrade.

The best indication of that was turning too early into corners after fitting the new suspension due to it not rolling and understeering (which I didn’t realise it was doing until I fitted the new suspension). Kudo’s to the team at Loaded 4x4 for not settling for a standard suspension lift and upgrade, and incorporating road manners into their package. The unlimited km 3 year warranty is also a winner!


And another from Brock H. (Pajero Sport)

Purchased the Loaded4x4 40mm lift kit for my Pajero Sport. I spent months researching suspension and a buddy put me onto Loaded4x4, man am I glad he did. I didn’t want something that was going to ride hard/harsh and honestly that hasn’t changed at all. What has changed though is the control.
There is no more side to side wallow, no more front/rear dive, no more jitteriness and it corners flat. Turn in and corner speed has drastically improved. I can not recommend this enough. Super impressed, that impressed I’ve now bought their bash plates too.
One very happy customer.


See more reviews here. The header image for this article is Lachy's Pajero Sport and you'll find his review, among others, on our review page.

Our range includes suspension kits for most late model 4x4s and you can find one to suit yours by visiting and heading to the 'Shop By Vehicle' drop down link.

For more information hit up the following links:

About our suspension

Dynamic Tune suspension

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