The Outlaw Fire Pit

It's the Rolls Royce of fire pits!

Made from high-quality Aussie 3mm steel.

Manufactured at Milford Industries in Adelaide, using state of the art gear and 50 years of engineering nous, which means they'll literally be perfect, especially the one that you buy.

Clever six piece design, includes a flat base and vent slots in the sides to ensure easing starting and maintenance of the fire.

Included hotplate and grill section that slides along the sides of the fire pit, and is folded to drain fat into the fire, rather than down the sides of the fire pit.

Folded edges on all sides for strength and to assist with lifting the assembled pit.

Super easy to put together.

Comes with a high quality, durable carry bag.

If it had four wheels, we'd call it the Phantom.

Note: All pieces of the fire pit are coated with food grade Lanotec to resist corrosion. This coating will burn off during the first use of the fire pit, but we recommend cleaning the hot plate surface with cooking oil before first use.


This fire pit is made of of six individual pieces, including two ends, two sides, a flat base insert and a sliding hot plate for cooking.


Side plates - 288mm x 600mm
End plates - 283mm x 495mm
Top opening - 500mm x 565mm
Hot plate cooking area - 465mm x 295mm


All 6 pieces (including hot plate) - 19.2kg

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