Milford Heavy Duty Towbar - Mitsubishi QE Pajero Sport (08/2015 - 02/2020)

Include Milford Wiring Harness: No Harness


Designed and manufactured in Adelaide by Milford Industries.

Milford has an enviable reputation for innovative design and quality craftsmanship and backs this product with a Lifetime Warranty.

You can have the confidence of knowing that this product will fit, do the job without issue and last longer than the vehicle you bolt it onto.

Fits The Following

Suitable for QE models only - will not fit QF series. GLS, GLX, Exceed


Milford Lifetime Warranty - requires registration

3100kg load rating

310kg tow ball download

Superior Design

Maximum Strength

Enhanced Styling

International Patents Applied


Towbar, detachable lug/tongue with a pin, all fixing hardware, rated D-shackles and fitting instructions. A Milford plug-and-play wiring harness will be included if that option is available and selected when purchasing (at an additional cost).

Wiring Harness

A plug and play wiring harness can be purchased separately.


Check out ourwarranty information page for more information.


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