Loaded 4X4 40mm Lift Kit: MAZDA BT-50 (2021-ON)

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This lift kit is perfect for the 4X4 owner looking to upgrade the load carrying and towing ability of their 4X4 while gaining some handy additional body clearance when off-road.

There's also the added advantage of improving the ride and handling of your 4X4, something that you can reflect on as you drop the stock, under specced shock absorbers, in the bin.

All of our lift kits are designed to work within the parameters set by the factory IFS suspension geometry, so you won't find a 50mm lift in this shop for a Triton - for example - because a lift of that height in a Triton, won't work terribly well without significant modifications being made.

The only modification required when fitting some of our kits are shortened front bump-stops and if these are required, they'll be supplied as part of the kit.

If you're looking for a well-thought-out, high-quality, durable, reliable, sensible and legal lift kit for your 4X4, one that isn't going to be more trouble than it's worth, then you've just got lucky!

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Upgrading your 4X4's suspension is one of the most significant positive changes you can make to the way your 4X4 drives, handles, and performs both on and off-road.

There's no question that the benefits are immense, from both a driving and safety perspective.

Get the right gear fitted, and you'll also transform the way you 4X4 rides.

Our suspension systems are highly reliable 'set and forget' propositions. The design of our shocks is rock-solid and well-proven and we've stayed right away from introducing unnecessary complications and failure points, like external adjusters and remote reservoirs.

Tuning is specific to each kit and we've dialled in just the right amount of compliance and body control.

Each kit is backed by a 3-year unlimited-kilometre warranty.

  • Tuned, developed and tested in Australia.
  • Robust Twin-Tube Gas Design with Extra Strong 2.5mm outer wall for maximum strength in the toughest conditions.
  • Reinforced mounts for ultimate reliability.
  • Adjustable coil seats on all struts.
  • 36mm High Flow Monotube Piston with multi-stage, velocity-sensitive valving that provides greater control, improved ride quality, and cooler operating temperatures at all speeds.
  • Multi-Stage foot valve that adjusts to driving conditions.
  • Heavy-duty 18mm diameter Hardened Chrome Piston Rod that is stronger for off-road driving and resists sideways deflection at full droop.
  • Nitrogen gas charged to resist fade by reducing oil cavitation.
  • Premium quality triple lip wiper oil seal that keeps contaminants out and reduces the likelihood of hydraulic leaks.
  • High Durability Rubber Bushes are used for improved flexibility and longer life.
  • Exclusive High Temperature, Foam Resistant Hydraulic Oil that resists shock fade and works through a broader temperature range than lesser oils.
  • We only use very high-quality coil springs, leaf packs, and componentry in our kits.
  • 3-year unlimited-kilometre warranty.

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  • 2 x Front struts, strut mounts and coil springs (pre-assembled)
  • 2 x Strut mounts
  • 2 x Rear Shock Absorbers
  • 2 x Rear Leaf Springs
  • 2 x Greaseable Shackles
  • 2 x Greaseable Pins
  • 4 x Ubolts
  • 1 x Leaf Spring Bush Kit

Selection Info

Use the selection boxes up near the top of this listing to let us know about your vehicle so that we can supply the springs best suited to your set up and use.

Sport or Dynamic Tune

Our Sport Tune shocks are tuned to work beautifully with 4X4s that carry constant loads making them ideal for work and touring vehicles and anyone who prefers a firmer ride. This setup has been proven over many years and just works.

If you're looking for more "plush" in your 4X4's ride, without it being turned into a wallowing tank, then our Dynamic Tune shocks are frankly, bloody awesome.

The Dynamic Tune shocks retain the superb high-speed wheel and body control the Sport Tune has in spades, and dials in more initial compliance. Vehicle ride and handling is improved dramatically.

Our Dynamic Tune is the perfect set and forget option for all 4X4s, and really the best option for vehicles that haven't been weighed down with accessories.

The Dynamic tune choice costs a few dollars more as each shock is dismantled and fitted with revised valving and bleed settings. It's well worth the slightly higher price though!

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We have a growing list of fitting outlets that we are comfortable dealing with and you can select to have your kit fitted by one of these outlets when completing the fitment details section of the ordering process.

If you select a fitting outlet when purchasing your kit,we'll ship to that outlet rather than the address you provide when making the purchase, and the outlet will contact you to arrange fitting and confirm the cost of fitting as soon as your kit has been delivered to them. We'll manage this process for you, all you have to do is wait patiently for their call.Payment for fitting is made directly to the fitting outlet and is not added to the cost of your kit when purchasing in this store.

As a rule of thumb, expect fittings costs (including a wheel alignment) to be around the following:

Levelling Kit:$250 to $350

Lift Kit (Coil rear end):$450 to $550 - if fitting airbags at the same time add an additional $50 to $100.

Lift Kit (Leaf rear end):$500 to $600

The fitting outlets that we are currently working with can be found by clicking on the 'Fitting' drop down menu section of the 'Confirm Fitment Details' box above.

Coil Spring Info

We use Lovells and Dobinson coil springs, depending on availability. The Lovell's coils are the blue coils pictured in the product images and Dobinson coils are a lighter blue colour.

Both brands are Aussie made and are high-quality products.

There are some setups where we'll use a black Lovell's coil spring (mostly Tritons fitted with steel bars and winches).

Lifted Heights

No two vehicles are the same, and the accessories you choose to fit, that make your 4X4 unique, all have a bearing on which springs are chosen for your lift kit, and how much lift they'll ultimately achieve. All of our lift kits will result in a lift that's around the figure stated in the title. It's not an exact science, and even manufacturers, for example Mitsubishi, quote stock suspension heights noting an allowable tolerance of +/-20mm. All new lift kits will settle over time, and, depending on the type of driving and/or load carrying, can take a few thousand kilometres to reach their settled height.


Shipping is FREE with the exception of some more remote areas, for which a $40.00 charge will be added at check out, to partly compensate for the additional shipping expense involved. 

Lift kits with leaf springs can only be shipped to a business address or the nearest freight depot. Levelling kits and lift kits with rear coil springs can be shipped to residential addresses.

There is a lead time of around 14 days on our suspension kits.

Deliveries are also taking longer than they used to pre-COVID. We'll do our best to get your kit to you as soon as possible, but realistically you should expect to take delivery around 14-21 days after placing your order.


All Loaded 4X4 suspension kits are covered by a 3-year unlimited-kilometre warranty. Check out ourwarranty information pagefor more information.

About Our Suspension 

We've combined a rock-solid twin-tube shock design that incorporates a big 36mm floating monotube piston, 18mm piston rod and a self-adjusting foot valve, with high quality springs and components, to offer suspension kits that you can absolutely depend upon.

Tuned, developed and tested in Australia for many years, we offer two shock tunes to choose from with our Standard and Dynamic setups, covering the needs of most 4X4 owners.

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