Bash Plates For Mitsubishi Pajero Sport QE & QF

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This is a four plate bash plate (UVP) kit consisting of - Four plates, brackets and fixings (incl. stock mount strengthening bracket) to protect the radiator, engine sump, gearbox and transfer case.

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Co-developed with Milford Industries, our Loaded 4X4 bash plates (Under Vehicle Protection) have a range of unique features, that make them a genuine upgrade for your QE & GF Pajero Sport on many levels.

We started by researching the various material types that were suited to bash plate manufacturing and selected 3mm mild steel as being the best compromise between, robustness, weight and cost.

We then set about designing a full under body protection system that looks high-quality OEM and addresses the weaknesses in the Pajero Sport's stock bash plates.

Besides being massively stronger, our bash plates don't hamper airflow (many aftermarket UVP systems reduce airflow) and include a strengthening bracket for the weak factory front mounting points.

We've also included sump plug access and enough drain holes to ensure that mud, dust and sand doesn't accumulate around drivetrain components.

We've avoided over-complicating the design in an attempt to recess all of the bolt heads. In our experience, both as fitters and users of these types of plates in the past, they are more expensive, heavier, cumbersome to fit, reduce clearance and worst of all, act as mud/debris traps that can make removing corroded fixings at service time a nightmare.

Instead, we've added brackets with welded captive nuts, so that where possible, our plates tuck up above the chassis, or if exposed, don't pose a risk of damage to the captive nuts in the cross-member. Damaged plates, bolts and brackets can all be easily replaced if necessary.

Milford's proprietary ArmorTex coating - a high-tech coating designed to significantly outperform other paint/powder-coat treatments, ensures these plates will last longer than most people will keep their cars.

Each kit is made at Milford Industries in Adelaide using state of the art machinery and processes, and is backed by a 3-Year material and workmanship warranty.

Features & Specs

  • High quality OEM look and finish.
  • More airflow than stock plates.
  • 3mm Premium Aussie Mild Steel Construction.
  • Milford ArmorTex Hi-tech Anti-corrosion Anti-Mar coating.
  • Includes strengthening bracket for weak factory front mounts.
  • Custom brackets move mounting points lower for the second and third plate.
  • Fully supported stand-alone transfer case plate (in four plate kit only).
  • Engine oil drain point access.
  • High quality automotive-grade zinc-coated flange-head hardware.
  • Easy to fit and easy to remove for vehicle servicing.
  • Four plate kit protects radiator, sump, gearbox and transfer case.
  • Four plate kit weighs 30.4kg (includes brackets but not hardware).
  • Fitting time approximately 60 to 90 minutes.
  • 3-year material and workmanship warranty.

Fitting Instructions

Aftermarket front bars and diff-drop kits - The front plate will fit with most aftermarket front bars. The best guide to use is if your stock front plate fits, these will too. 

Any diff-drop kit that replaces the front cross-member (like the Karrman kit) won't work with our bash plates as they interfere with the mounting bracket we supply for the diff/gearbox plate overlap.

Air-deflector - The air-deflector that is attached to and sits below the radiator either needs to be removed completely or modified to fit. This is the case with most, if not all aftermarket bash plate upgrade options for the Pajero Sport.

The modification involves cutting the deflector approximately in half along it's width with a fine toothed saw and takes around five minutes to complete. Once modified there is between 15 and 20mm of clearance between the front bash plate and the deflector.

Pajero Sport radiator air-deflector modified to fit bash plate

Modified air-deflector fits and allows 15-20mm of clearance between the bash plate and the lower edge of the deflector.

We'd recommend making the modification and retaining the deflector.

What's Included

Plate 1 - Front plate that protects the radiator plus a strengthening bracket for the weak factory mounting points. The strengthening bracket can be fitted using bolts and threaded plate (the easy DIY option), or Versa-Nuts if your plates are being fitted by a workshop, with the hardware for both options supplied with the kit.

Note: Production versions of this plate have had the two rear bolt holes changed to slots to allow easier fitting and removal at service time. This isn't reflected in the images or videos.

Plate 2 - Second plate that protects the engine sump, plus a bracket that the rear of this plate bolts to. The bracket includes three captive nuts and bolts behind the cross-member at the rear of this plate.

Plate 3 - Third plate that protects the gearbox, plus a bracket that the rear of this plate bolts to. The bracket includes two captive nuts and bolts in front of the cross-member at the rear of the gearbox.

Plate 4 - Fourth plate that protects the transfer case. This plate runs from chassis rail to chassis rail and uses existing captive nuts.

Hardware - Top quality automotive grade, zinc plated, flange head bolts for all fixing points.

Instructions - Video fitting instructions are available under the 'Fitting Instructions' tab on this listing or by clicking this link.


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All Loaded 4X4 bash plate kits are covered by a 3-year material and workmanship warranty. Check out our warranty information page for more information.

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