Loaded4X4 Premium 6mm Alloy Bash Plates For Isuzu D-MAX (2021 Onwards)

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High-quality, Australian designed and manufactured, Under Vehicle Protection (Bash Plates) for the Isuzu D-MAX (2021 onwards).

These UVP kits are literally as good as they get.

Designed in partnership with Milford Industries and manufactured by Milford Industries in Adelaide, our D-MAX UVP is made from 6mm thick aluminium, which makes it as strong as 4mm mild steel and around 8kg lighter than an identical four plate set made out of 3mm mild steel or stainless.

The three plate kit is a direct replacement for the factory UVP and is not only infinitely stronger, it only weighs around 5kgs more. If you're D-MAX is getting up around it's GVM when loaded, this is the UVP you need.

Fitting is straightforward and being light weight, each plate is easy to remove and replace when access is needed for servicing.


There are two kits available:

FOUR PLATE KIT- Replaces the factory supplied UVP with the addition of a fourth plate to protect the transfer case.

THREE PLATE KIT- Direct replacement for the factory supplied UVP.

There are two kit type options available:

To suit different factory and aftermarket front bar options (the front plate is all that differs.

TYPE 1 - Suits factory bumper, Isuzu, ARB and TJM bullbars.

TYPE 2 - Suits Rhino, Hamer, Ironman and Opposite Lock bullbars.

You can select the above options on this listing when purchasing.

Features & Specs

  • 6mm Aluminium construction
  • As strong as 4mm steel and approximately 10kg lighter than 3mm steel construction (4 plate kit).
  • Full stand-alone transfer case plate (in four plate kit only).
  • Engine oil drain point access.
  • High quality automotive-grade zinc-coated flange-head hardware.
  • Easy to fit and easy to remove for vehicle servicing.
  • Four plate kit - protects radiator, sump, gearbox and transfer case.
  • Three plate kit - protects radiator, sump and gearbox.
  • Four plate kit weighs 22.05kg (Type 1) or 20.85kg (Type 2). Stock UVP weighs 9.5kg and doesn't protect the transfer case.
  • Three plate kit weighs 15.76kg (Type 1) or 14.56kg (Type 2). Stock UVP weighs 9.5kg.
  • Fitting time approximately 'one beer'.
  • 3-year material and workmanship warranty.


Video Tour


Fitting is dead easy. There's no cutting, modification, welding or gluing required. It's as easy as removing the factory UVP and bolting this much better gear on.

Fitting Instructions video:


Each kit ships directly from Milford Industries in Adelaide.


All Loaded 4X4 bash plate kits are covered by a 3-year material and workmanship warranty. Check out ourwarranty information pagefor more information.

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